Sunday, 13 July 2014

Long Distance

Although I really hate missing people, it is something I am used to because of being blessed with so many wonderful pals. Having your best friends over 300 miles away for the majority of the year does not make friendship easy but somehow we cope and that makes the times we get in summer be really freakin' awesome. Here are some of my favourites and the times we have had this summer...


Fail Safes.

Although I am usually a simple dresser who sticks with basics and the usual statement piece, I am a firm believer in a few good accessories. Here are my favourites this summer:

My little tan backpack from Italy was such a great find and I haven't used a different bag since, I love it. It's the perfect size and everything. (The Blue Peter badge is my dads.) 
Not just a summer time accessory, but most of the time, I have a pair of Vans on my feet. I just love them too much. Here are my current favourites. 

And finally jewellery; I am a total magpie and love anything silver, but the necklace I have been reaching for lately is a little different; handmade by the beautiful ladies at Bestow Jewellery, it is the perfect accessory for a summer by the sea. 

What are your go-to accessories at the moment? 


All Black Er'ything OOTD

This is the sort of outfit you can usually find me in; comfy but what I like to hope is stylish. The vest was actually a dress I chopped up and the skort was an ebay steal at about £7 (the zip has since fallen off but nothing a needle and thread can't fix). 
Topped off with three things it is rare to see me without; Vans, my trusty Italian backpack and fave leather jacket. 
What do you think? 


A Pilgrimage of Peace, Pizza and History

At the end of May, me and mum headed off on our holidays to Sorrento in Italy. It was a well needed break for the two of us and something we were both really looking forward to. The prospect of sunshine and calm waters were obviously a huge lure but as well as that, I was really happy to be able to escape with my favourite human; I am massively aware that I am by no means an easy person to live with: I can be angry, emotional, hyperactive and so many other things I am probably not even aware of. And of course, mum being the incredible person she is, feels guilty when she can't help and then I feel guilty because I hate that I'm hurting her by being such a mess. Don't get me wrong, we have a hoot but sometimes it's nice to escape reality for a while, right? When pondering holiday destinations, I threw Italy out there because we both love it, the culture, the food, the language, the history, basically everything it has to offer. Before we knew it we had booked flights to Naples and were counting the days. Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, built into and on the coastal cliffs, there are unimaginable views as far as the eye can see. We actually drove through the little village where pizza was invented!!

I won't go into too much detail because were there for 12 days so I could write far too much. The highlights were definitely wandering/getting lost in Pompeii; I have wanted to go here for so long as I remember studying it in school and being fascinated. Because Pompeii was covered with ash and not lava, everything was really well preserved, including some of the bodies (creepy). We also went to Herculanean which is way smaller but in much better condition. I do love history. The main highlight for both of us was an impulsive decision to go on a eco-friendly 4x4 that looked like something out of Jurassic Park, through Versuvius national park and then walking the last bit up to the crater of the volcano. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The crater is currently blocked up from the last non-explosive erruption in 1944 although there are still some wisps of sulphurous steam wafting around. The views from the top were incredible and well worth the difficult ashy trek to the top. 
Other than the historical trips out, we spent most of our time soaking up the sun, swimming, and exploring the maze of backstreets that make up Sorrento and Positano: Oh, and eating copious amounts of Gelato and pizza. 
I decided before we went that I wanted to visit Naples for a day by myself and so one hot morning, off I went. The public transport over there is amazing, so so cheap and well organised and what not. So many of my peers are off having adventures around the globe and while I am nowhere financially or mentally prepared for something like that, I was looking forward to my own little adventure. In my typical impulsive and unorganised style, I set off out of the station with no map and no idea resulting in me getting lost in a huge fish market and falling over in front of all the locals. Smooth, I know. Following this, I bought a map and headed for the Museum of Archeology. It was such a rad museum, really airy and spacious yet full of incredible finds from Italy to Egypt. I could have stayed there for hours but after a while I left and wandered down Carbonara Avenue (yes that actually exists) and found myself a slushie and a cronut; doughnut crossed with a croissant; Amazing. My journey back was not so pleasant as a creepy man put his hand up my dress but I was thankfully rescued by a nice American couple. 
And I think that pretty much sums up our Italian Adventure!:) 

Have any of you been to Sorrento or Italy?